Reptilia Zoo

We're a CAZA-Accredited Zoo focused on Education, Science, and Conservation.

Experience the entire world of reptiles at Reptilia. In one day you’ll travel through jungles, deserts and even the wilds of Canada itself to meet some of the Earth’s most elusive and mysterious residents!

Reptilia is currently expanding to new facilities with our Vaughan Facility fully operational, the Whitby Facility currently in construction, and many more Facilities to come in the near future.

The zoo is a self-guided experience open to everyone every day of the year besides Christmas! You’ll find over 250 animals on display throughout the zoo. Although reptiles are our specialty, watch out for colorful amphibians and fluffy arachnids as well!

Engage with our passionate Cast Members as they perform their reptile care duties! Throughout the day you can watch them maintain the exhibits, clean the venomous snakes in the Venomous Workshop, prepare food in our Creature Kitchen and interact with them throughout the zoo.

Throughout the day get to know our animals even better by attending one of our six scheduled shows or tours and four scheduled feedings!

No need for fear! Our animals are securely contained in escape-proof exhibits, for their health and happiness as well as yours! Our animal ambassadors are safe to meet under the close supervision of our expert Cast Members, and no one is forced to interact with animals if they are unsure!

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The Zoo is open all year, except Christmas Day!

Daily from 10AM – 6PM

Holidays from 10AM – 5PM

You will need a minimum of 2 hours to enjoy the full Reptilia experience.

VISIT US ANYTIME – our facility can accommodate any size group.

Ages 2 and under – Free
Ages 2 to 12 – $11.00
Ages 13 to 64 – $16.00
Ages 65 and over – $13.00

(Taxes Extra)

For more information visit our Admission Page.

2501 Rutherford Road, Vaughan, ON,  L4K 2N6

Phone: 905-761-6223 |

Whitby, ON – Under Construction

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Barrie, ON – Coming Soon

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Our Reptile Family

Where do our reptiles come from?

Every city has a dog and cat shelter, but there are few options for reptiles in need of new homes! Reptilia is committed to helping private owners and government organizations find suitable lifelong homes for these animals, which cannot be released to the wild.

Although Reptilia cannot take in every animal, we take in as many as we can, and aid in finding appropriate homes for those we cannot. We’ve worked alongside other zoos and U.S Fish and Wildlife to send smuggled alligators back to their native homes in South Carolina and have helped find wonderful lifelong family homes for appropriate pet species.

Reptilia is committed to protecting native habitats and species, we do not remove animals from the wild for the purpose of display our educational programming, although we will help rescue species that may have originated from the wild but may not return there.


Saved & Rescued


Born at Reptilia


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