Reptilia Entertainment

Reptilia has appeared at community centers, auto dealers, business openings, retirement residences, get-togethers, libraries, fairs, and mall activities among many others – almost every type of business or community event imaginable!
Reptilia's Meet and Greet Event Attractions

Get up close and personal! Our Reptilia Host will walk about your event exhibiting different reptiles.

reptilia mobile zoo display with host standing in front

Exhibit a display wall of reptiles at your next event – 2 passionate Hosts and Meet & Greet included!

reptile zoo displays of special event cruiser up close

A 45ft trailer with 26 reptile displays, includes 2 Hosts, Stage Show, and Meet & Greet!

Reptilia Zoo appearance at mall

Give your audience a 1 Hour live interactive reptile show that will astound audiences of all ages!