Reptilia Field Trips & School Visits

The ultimate classroom learning experience

Bring your curriculum to Life! The Reptilia Education Program is dedicated to providing a real connection for students between the Ontario Science Curriculum and the world around them, fostering a sense of responsibility, and understanding, empowering the students to grasp critical concepts and formulate their own questions.

Reptilia provides an educational experience that is tightly linked to the Ontario curriculum. Our educational presentations employ exciting and intriguing creatures to captivate the students as well as to introduce and reinforce the concepts they are learning in class, prompting students to ask their own questions and apply what they have learned to the world around them. Through interaction with living reptiles, Reptilia lessons not only provide a concrete application of abstract concepts, but they also encourage a greater understanding of how we, as human beings, fit into the big picture.

For more information and booking, or if your class requires accommodations due to special needs please contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through our modified curriculum and options, please contact us:

Vaughan: | 905-761-6223
Whitby: | (905) 493-9537

children at reptilia field trips looking at snakes

Reptilia Field Trip

Visit the Jungle!

$10.25/Student Minimum 20 Students

Additional Students: $10.25/Student
Teachers: 1 Free for every 5 Student


A 30-minute zoo tour for your entire class;
An exclusive 60-minute curriculum-based lesson;
All day admission to the Facility!

Taxes apply.

Elementary School Visit

60 minute lessons for grades K - 8

Starting at $225 Maximum 30 Students per Lesson

1 x 60 minute Lesson: $225
2 x 60 minute Lessons: $320
3 x 60 minute Lessons: $410
4 x 60 minute Lessons: $495
5 x 60 minute Lessons: $575

+Mileage: $0.40/Km – Roundtrip

Taxes apply.

High School Visit

90 minute lessons for grades 9 - 12

Starting at $250 Maximum 30 Students per Lesson

1 x 90 minute Lesson: $250
2 x 90 minute Lessons: $335
3 x 90 minute Lessons: $435
4 x 90 minute Lessons: $520
5 x 90 minute Lessons: $600

+Mileage: $0.40/Km – Roundtrip

Taxes apply.

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