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As the world changes, reptiles and other exotic animals are showing up in some of the strangest places. Now, firefighters, police officers, EMTs, and other first responders never know what will be waiting for them when they answer a call.

For years Reptilia has provided “Response, Secure & Capture” services to first responders who encountered reptiles on the job. But to make sure that everyone is and feels safe, Reptilia also provides special reptile specific training for first responders, enabling them to secure a scene when reptiles are present and to do the job they came to do.

From gators in grow ops to venomous snakes, escaped pet pythons or harmless lizards, the Reptilia First Responder course is designed to prepare first responders to deal with unexpected reptile encounters and to let them get to work.

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Since we commenced operations, Reptilia has worked with communities on the design of effective, safe, and informed exotic animal bylaws. From our work with the municipalities, we began to provide “Response, Secure & Capture” services to First Responders who encounter reptiles during the course of their employment.This support has taken two main forms:

  • Immediate resolution to a potentially dangerous situation
  • First Responder Programs to educate front-line personnel on what to do and what not to do when faced with a potentially dangerous reptile situation

Successful Situations

Situations we've resolved on behalf of First Responders

Vipers & cobras had escaped in multi-unit housing rendering it unsafe for First Responders and residents

Captured an 8-foot caiman found by First Responders during a domestic dispute call when the caiman was used to threaten the officers!

A 6 foot alligator turned loose in a swimming area during summer school break

A large Burmese Python found abandoned, without an owner, and free to roam in the GTA

A Yellow Anaconda was found by First Responders in a residential backyard


First Responders Program Information

Recognizing the budget constraints within which all First Responder services must operate these days, Reptilia’s pricing is always reasonable. For as little as $40 per First Responder, Reptilia will provide a one day program which will train front line personnel on how to avoid becoming embroiled in a dangerous situation with any reptile.

A more advanced program which is not recommended for everyone (supervisory personnel should consider this program) advances the basic education provided in the Front Line program. The cost for the advanced program is $200 per trainee.

Programs taught at First Responder facilities as part of the curriculum may even be more cost-effective per person and are available to suit the specific needs of any First Responder service.

Both in Canada and the US, the operators of grow houses have been using, from time to time, another method of intimidation for First Responders – they release venomous snakes and/or crocodilians in the grow houses. Not only can these reptiles be extremely hazardous to the First Responders, but if they get loose in the neighbourhood, further danger exists for the public as well.

Reptilia has trained personnel who have many years experience handling these types of situations and can safely eliminate the risks to all involved. We handle all these reptiles on a regular basis and indeed many more even larger and more dangerous than any call we have handled to date (including a 1,200 lb Nile Crocodile and a Python that eats goats of up to 70 lbs).

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