Gecko Habitarium School Program

Interactive School Program and Learning Experience

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Animals in the classroom provide an unending source of teachable moments, an inspiration for cross-curricular lessons, and, most important, the opportunity for students to observe and care for these incredible creatures. The program is designed to empower students, giving them ownership of their learning, allowing them to ask and test their own questions. Activity ideas and lesson plans included with the Habitarium Program cover literacy, numeracy, science, multimedia, and even the dramatic arts!

Reptilia’s Gecko Habitarium School Program provides a unique learning experience for students while providing them with the benefit of having direct contact with live animals. The Reptilia Habitarium School Program places a pair of docile and charismatic leopard geckos into your classroom along with everything you need to care for them. It also includes two in-class lessons and monthly visits from one of our educators to bring insects, check up on the lizards, and answer any questions.

Students, who might otherwise never experience nature, are given a chance to connect with the world in a real way, fostering empathy, stewardship, knowledge, and responsibility.

reptilia gecko habitarium school program