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Reptilia’s Government Programs

Helping Municipalities prepare for encounter’s of the reptile kind
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    Reptilia’s Government Programs offers highly customizable training for professionals who are increasingly more likely to come face to face with dangerous reptiles and arachnids during their workday.

    Depending on the organization, government programs can include common topics like identification of dangerous or illegal reptiles, safe capture, handling or avoidance of dangerous species, husbandry advice for short term holding of these species, emergency snakebite & sting procedures, and local resources to aid in emergency situations.

    Course length can range from a couple of hours to several days depending on the needs of the organization and the ultimate goals for the students.

    Reptilia is proud to work extensively with the following groups of organizations and would be happy to work with yours in the future! Please contact our Government Programs Curriculum Developer at bookings.vaughan@reptilia.org or bookings.whitby@reptilia.org

    reptilia first responders program training

    Available Programs & Training

    When responding to calls in our community, officers may run into various exotic pets at the scene of a crime or fire. Some are legal to own and harmless, some may be illegal to own and very dangerous.

    Reptilia’s program will help officers identify hazards, avoid them, deal with emergency situations such as venomous snakebite and who to contact for identification and removal assistance.

    The private keeping of venomous snakes as pets is on the rise, with many confiscations and bites occurring throughout the GTA in recent years. As snakebite is a very complex and unique medical emergency, medical staff need to be familiar with specific procedures to improve the outcome for the patient.

    Reptilia has taught York Region Paramedics and worked with local hospitals to help raise awareness of appropriate snakebite procedures.

    Reptile pets are increasingly more common in our communities, which also means some members of the public will abandon or surrender their pets. Local animal services need to be familiar with and unique husbandry needs of commonly kept pet reptiles, as well as safe procedures for capture and handling in confiscation situations.

    Reptilia has worked with animal service organizations such as the City of Vaughan, Toronto and Mississauga to offer training, advice, direct assistance and temporary housing in exotic animal situations.

    To protect our public from animal hazards, wild spaces from invasive species, and the welfare of transported species, border services and other similar organizations stand guard and inspects shipments that may contain animals and animal products. This is a highly hazardous job, requiring significant skills in scene management, identification, handling and emergency response procedures.

    Reptilia has provided training for organizations such as Environment Canada and British Columbia’s Conservation Officer Service.

    Our military often travels to areas with high numbers of venomous and poisonous native species. Reptilia has worked with the Canadian Department of National Defense on several occasions to teach our troops about dangerous species in their area of deployment, how to prevent encounters, and emergency procedures in the event of snakebite or scorpion sting.

    Research may put students and technicians close to potentially dangerous animals in the lab or in the field. Reptilia offers a customized course to fit the needs of an individual project, which may focus of safety and identification in the field, husbandry and safety protocols for animals housed in the lab, and emergency procedures in event of a bite or sting.

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