We have made a donation to Toronto Wildlife Center!

Reptilia helps native snake species in the Greater Toronto Area through our sponsorship of the injured, sick and displaced snakes at Toronto Wildlife Center. These animals require daily maintenance, food and veterinary care, and Reptilia is proud to help support the rehabilitation of our threatened Ontario species! 

How does Reptilia contribute to Conservation?

A Green Business

Reptilia goes out of its way to try and constantly strive to lower its impact and output in the environment. Some examples include:

  • Giving Guests a convenient outlet to dispose of hazardous waste such as batteries and lightbulbs
  • Implementing a composting program
  • Stocking ecofriendly plush in the gift shop that is made from recyclable materials
  • Cast Member training methods that focus on reduction of unnecessary waste created during duties
  • New! Implementation of compostable birthday party accessories!

Supporting Good Works for Animals & Ecosystems

Reptilia provides financial assistance and volunteer labour to a large range of organizations that perform habitat restoration, species protection, wildlife rehabilitation, conservation research and rescue services (helping to divert possible invasive species from the wild).


Reptilia has developed and runs its own local conservation research programs in Ontario, focusing on wildlife population studies and habitat restoration. Find out more about Reptilia’s work in the field on our Research page!

Education Programs

Reptilia has the pleasure of serving more than a half million guests per year through visits to our facilities, schools, fairs and other outreach programs. This gives us the unique opportunity to engage the public to inspire conservation action and change negative perceptions towards an often maligned group of animals. Protecting our planet and its inhabitants is bigger than us alone – we need everyone’s help to achieve positive change!